Tossing and turning. Not much sleep tonight. Maybe that decaf frappuchino wasn’t really decaf. I know it wasn’t light because it was loaded with whipped cream.

I have knit more for SSK2017.

Still have the Alpine Cowl to finish by April 30.

And now I am going to knit two baby blankets, Moderne Log Cabin from Mason Dixon Knits, for family members.  Little boys due July 2 and sometime in September.  I am pretty sure I will be late with the first one. No more pastels for modern babies.


I will try to get some sleep





SSK knitalong progress and more

I have finally finished the first project for the SSK KAL   A basic sock pattern by Ann Budd. Very much like my regular basic sock pattern. I used a black/purple sock blank dyed by KnittyandColor. I love how it turned out 

Sock blanks are my new obsession.

You never know what the knitted item will look like. It’s a potato chip thing.

I am now working on another sock blank by Gale’s Art called Extreme 71.

I also love how this is turning out.

Find Your Fade Shawl seems to be the BIG thing now in the knitting world. I don’t usually jump on the band wagon but Steve of Dramatic Knits brought up the fact that it would be a good stash buster. Really!?!?  So I decided to see if I had 7 yarns that would work for this project. And I did.

I am now on the 4th color and like it. Hope the next 3 work together as well.

Slow Start

I have been slow starting my KALs for SSK FOR 2017. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to knit because I really want to finish my Ketterdam and Find Your Fade shawls. 

So eventually I found a basic sock pattern in Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. I am using a sock blank from Knitty &a Color. 

So that’s my plan for now. Use vendor yarn and knit socks. Also get moving on charity hats. 

Today I am dog sitting for my daughter so she can get school work done. Pronto (Little Man) is spoiled and needy.  Walking Little Man. 

Stressful Week

Although I live nowhere near the path of Hurricane Matthew I have family and friends that do. A very pregnant granddaughter and a grandson live in Hilton Head. They both evacuated early. The granddaughter went to her parents in NC where they only got tons of rain. The grandson to his girlfriend’s home in FL also out of the path. There is so much damage where my grandson lives and works. At this time as far as I know he still doesn’t know what he is going to find when he goes back. 

On to knitting. After starting  these socks twice, I have decided to frog them. The yarn just doesn’t want to be this pattern. 

I planned to knit the pattern On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg for a KAL. But that project doesn’t want to be started. So I will knit it at another time. 

I did finish a cute little hat for future great granddaughter. 

Still knitting on Annisa by Ambah O’Brien.  This is being knit with the yarn  plus another color from a frogged shawl that I didn’t love. 

At the end of Sept I went to a car show. My favorite thing are the grills. It’s a shame cars don’t have them any more. 

I finally decided what I was going to do with my scoreboard scarf from last season’s football. Sending it to the daughter in Myrtle Beach who evacuated during hurricane Matthew. She had no real damage and went back on Sunday. Waiting for things to settle down in the area before I mail it. 

I am enjoying the cooler weather we are having here. Walking was such a pleasure this morning. Hope the extreme heat doesn’t come back. 

New Orleans-City Park and more.

Our annual convention was held in New Orleans this year. We have been there before but there is always something more to see. This time it was the WWII museum. We heard it was a must see and it was. It could take days to see it properly but we just took hours. There is a fantastic film moderated by Tom Hanks. That really is a must see if you go.

This year we also took a city bus tour. It is a good way to really see what is available in the city.

New Orleans City Park was amazing. The sculpture garden and the Botanical Garden were a couple of the highlights.


I know we will go again. Always something else to see. It is such a relaxed city.

And I bet you thought I had quit. 

It has been awhile. First I didn’t have anything I felt like writing about. Then I lost a month when my husband spent 25 days in the hospital after surgery with complications in April. He is doing well now. Still has a long way before he gets his strength back and adds back some of the weight he dropped. 

It took me all of May to catch up on things and start to have a normal life again. 

WOW! I didn’t think they would all load. A lot of the daylilies that have already bloomed this summer. Because my husband wasn’t home to groom the flower beds our yard is wild and wonderful. 

My knitting mojo died most of the beginning of this year. But I think it is finally coming back. I have started working on the Vivid Afghan I started a year or two ago. I am almost finished. Maybe today or tomorrow. 

I have also been working on a pair of Laura Linneman’s Easy Peasy Socks from a class I took from her in 2007. The yarn is Fibernymph Dye Works Inversibles sock yarn.  The stripe colors will reverse on the second sock. This is for the SSK KAL. Knit a-long for non-knitters. 

I am using both of these projects for The Knitgirllls Stashdash 2016. Which ends August 25 or near that date. I have a lot of WIPs or works in progress that I could use for stash dash but it just depends on whether I will want to knit them. 

The Addi flip sticks needles in the picture above are new and this is the first time I have used them. I really really like them. I only wish that I had a second pair to start the second sock. 

Better get back to knitting or I won’t make any goal for Stash Dash.